About AFCM in the Country

Anointing fire catholic ministry officially started in Canada in the year 2016 September, under the spiritual guidance of Rev.Fr. Domnic kootiyaniyil SDB.In the early days we had started as an intercessory prayer group. In the year 2017 October Anointing fire ministry actively started its outreach missions under the spiritual Guidance of Rev.Fr.Sebastian Arikat,Since then AFCM Canada is actively conducting prayer meetings, retreats ,youth retreats, daily intercessory prayers for the youth and adults etc.

Active Ministries under AFCM ,Canada.

  1. Kingdom Revelator.
  2. AFCM Youth Ministry Conducting prayer meeting every day morning, and weekly International AGAPE prayer meeting in Zoom and Facebook live.
  3. AFCM Teens Ministry Conducting prayer meetings weekly 3 days and Bible study.
  4. AFCM Pre-Teens Ministry Conducting prayers weekly 2 days with online bible related activities, Action songs and Holy rosary leads by Pre Teens ( age 4 onwards)
  5. AFCM Book Ministry Distribution of Bible, Kingdom Revelator Magazine, prayer books, spiritual books, religious articles, prayer cards
  6. AFCM Outreach Ministry Conducting Parish retreats in English various parts of Canada

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AFCM National Coordinator

AFCM National Asst. Coordinator

Mr. Renjith Xavier

AFCM Youth Ministry Coordinator

Mr. Paul Antony

AFCM Childrens Ministry Coordinator

Mr. Bejoy Paul

AFCM Vianney Mission Coordinator

Ms. Manju Vinod

AFCM Kingdom Revelator Coordinator

Mr. George John

AFCM Little Evangelist Coordinator

AFCM Little Evangelist Coordinator

AFCM English Ministry Coordinator

Mr. Bijoy Alappatt