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It is in 1998 through the apostolic blessings of our beloved founder Mar Jacob Manathodath, then Bishop of Palghat that Sehion Ministries came in to existence. Then onwards our Lord blessed and gathered together hundreds of missionaries all over the world to work together with Sr. Amy Emmanuel ASJM, Fr. Binoy Karimaruthinkal PDM, Fr. Soji Olickal and myself under the leadership of Mar Jacob Manathodath. The spirit moved us to expand our vision and mission and to work for the world evangelization rather than for a retreat centre. They assumed the name Anointing Fire Catholic Missionaries (AFCM). They are obliged to obey all the church teachings and directions of their local hierarchs. Their collaboration and prayer support are great strength for PDM and ASJM Monasteries for the evangelization of the nations. AFCM communities are local communities consisting of three to twelve families from a particular city or locality, who are committed to serve the Lord and help spread the Gospel. Anyone who is eligible according to the norms of AFCM can be a member of this movement. Priests, Nuns, Lay missionaries, Non-Catholics and Non-Christians with a passion to serve Christ are a part of AFCM.

AFCM conducts retreats and conferences for Priests, Nuns, Religious and the lay people. All its teachings are based on the Holy Bible and Catechism of the Catholic Church. It also conducts parish retreats and conferences, formation programmes, seminars, youth and children ministries, media ministries both in English and Malayalam. It supports Catholic Church through prayer and spiritual sharing. AFCM aims to help children and young people to mould their lives around Christ and inspire them to actively participate in evangelisation. Thus AFCM is a charismatic movement whose members are priests, nuns, religious and laymen.

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